After School Programs

after school

Newbern Housing Authority provides a variety of after-school programs for youth throughout the year

All school-age residents of any of our properties may participate in the afterschool programs offered by the housing authority. We invite you to check out the programs listed below, as well as our after-school programs photo gallery. Please see the calendar tab to find out when events and programs are taking place. Some of our annual programs include: Easter Egg Hunts, Halloween Parties, Back-To School Parties, and Fire Trucks visits.



Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

After-School Tutoring is offered 3:30-4:30 Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday during the school year for all school age children who live in NHA. 

This is a time for all children to complete their homework or get additional help if needed. 

The children are required to bring in their report cards each 9 weeks in order for the teachers to see their progress or where additional help maybe needed.

cooking class

Cooking Classes are offered each month for school-age children.

Our Resident Coordinator prepares and demonstrated to the children how to make simple and fun treats that would be easy for them to make at home.

See Calendar for upcoming dates

Craft Classes offered each month for school-age children

Our Resident Coordinator guides children through fun and easy craft activities.

See Calendar for upcoming dates

After School Program Photo Gallery: